The Bücker + Essing service is fast, efficient and personal. We see ourselves as problem-solvers for all issues connected to gas and diesel engines – be it scheduled maintenance, individual repairs or even complete plant overhauls – and for the mechanical processing of machine and system components, and rotating equipment.



  • Cogeneration unit service
    Thanks to its in-depth gas engine know-how, our service team at Bücker + Essing plays an important role in ensuring that you achieve the maximum availability of your systems. Be it regular maintenance of your cogeneration unit, rectifying faults, regular engine inspections or recommissioning after engines have been replaced, you can always count on the cogeneration unit service by Bücker + Essing.
  • Replacement engine service
    To ensure that your cogeneration unit or vehicle is up and running again as quickly as possible, Bücker + Essing has an extensive replacement program comprising overhauled gas engines and diesel engines – either as complete engines, long or short blocks. All standard models are available for you in our warehouse in Lingen (Ems). Of course, we can remove and refit all parts for you on site.
  • Mechanical engine processing on site
    Bücker + Essing has specialised in carrying out mechanical repairs to engines on site across the world and not just at its own plant under ideal conditions. Whenever the effort to remove and transport engines is too great due to their size or individual installation situation, it is usually less expensive to dispatch specialists from Bücker + Essing with modern tools to the respective site.
  • Damage analysis, diagnosis and support in case of engine damage
    If an engine is damaged, time is often of the essence and questions like the following arise: Who will remove the engine? Where should it be dismantled and examined? Who can say what the cause of the damage was? Who can offer me unbiased advice? Who will help me deal with the insurance company, the appraiser or my service customer? Where can I, as the damaged party, meet with all those involved at the ‘Corpus Delicti’ and see things for myself? There is only one answer to all these questions: Bücker + Essing! 
  • Overnight deliveries of components and spare parts
    Profit from our large spare parts warehouse and order components, spare and wear parts for gas and diesel engines through our overnight service (orders received by 3 pm).
  • Machine and system support for refineries, power plants and industrial companies
    The SCC-certified service employees at Bücker + Essing help with inspections, maintenance, repairs or even moving machines, systems and rotating equipment. Our 24/7 emergency service is also on hand in troubleshooting mode.
  • Rail service
    As an IRIS-certified company, we not only repair diesel-operated rail engines and entire power packs, we can also remove and fit these parts at your premises on request. Likewise, we can carry out scheduled intermediate maintenance on the engines for you on site. Either on our own, or in cooperation with your own maintenance personnel.