Networked into a strong group

BÜCKER + ESSING has been a company of the SERCOO Group since 2014. With more than 350 employees, the companies of the SERCOO Group offer a unique service portfolio for more sustainability, efficiency and profitability in decentralised energy supply, automotive and transport, industry and trade. All companies operate along the value chain of biogas, CHP, engine, rotating equipment and turbocharger.


From the maintenance of biogas plants and combined heat and power plants to the repair of engines, turbochargers, pumps and compressors to the optimisation of plant technology and the distribution of turbochargers, we dovetail our services into a full-service offer for our customers. In this way, our customers benefit from a single point of contact and comprehensive expertise:

Biogas: Brandt GmbH, MT Energy Service GmbH

CHP: Deutsche Technik Service GmbH, SERCOO ENERGY GmbH

Motor & Rotating Equipment: Bücker & Essing GmbH, MWB Power GmbH 

Turbochargers: BE Turbo GmbH, Turbo Mot GmbH

One financially-strong partner of the SERCOO Group is the independent German investment company Deutsche Private Equity (DPE). DPE invests in medium-sized companies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, and uses its capital to promote the growth of the company and the development of innovations. Since it was founded in 2007, DPE has successfully created three funds and bought interests in 20 companies, both as majority stake holdings and also a minority partner. DPE manages total assets in excess of 1.2 billion euros.

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