Networked into a strong group

BÜCKER + ESSING has been a company of the SERCOO Group since 2014. With more than 350 employees, the companies of the SERCOO Group offer a unique service portfolio for more sustainability, efficiency and profitability in decentralised energy supply, transport and industry. All companies operate along the value chain of biogas, CHP, engine and rotating equipment.


From the maintenance of biogas plants and combined heat and power plants to the repair of engines, pumps and compressors to the optimisation of plant technology, we dovetail our services into a full-service offer for our customers. In this way, our customers benefit from a single point of contact and comprehensive expertise:

Since 01 September 2023, SERCOO Group has been part of the Elevion Group, which acquired the service company from Deutsche Private Equity (DPE). Elevion Group ( is a leading European provider of end-to-end decarbonization and higher energy efficiency solutions. Thanks to its unique structure and its pioneering spirit, its capabilities can be easily scaled across the project scope, for various project sizes and a range of required expertise.  Elevion Group operates on 12+ European markets (including The Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Italy, Poland, Romania and Hungary) through 60+ highly specialized independent companies, but with the financial strength of an international group.