Quality & environment


Be it cogeneration units, rail vehicles, commercial vehicles or refineries and chemical parks, engines and systems are expected to deliver absolute quality and run reliably.

As an expert for engine repairs and industrial services, we are familiar with the high standards of our customers. To guarantee the uncompromising quality of our products and services, and to continually adapt to the growing requirements of the market we have implemented various quality management systems.


The DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 standard helps us to continually improve our production processes. We define the work steps and test methods for our repairs in our documentation  and re-examine them during every re-certification procedure. The expertise and responsibility of our employees are the most important factors of success for our work, so that training courses are a prominent feature of our quality management system. And, of course, we also commission independent third parties to accompany and monitor this process.



All engines are repaired in line with the latest technical and professional standards at Bücker + Essing; for instance the RAL quality seal for engine repairs. As a member of the quality association of engine repair companies, Bücker + Essing guarantees that all engines are processed in line with the quality and test conditions RAL-GZ 797. The quality criteria not only define the necessary work steps, but also the employee qualifications and technical equipment including high-quality machines and tools.



Bücker + Essing has been certified for wire and powder flame spraying by Germanischen Lloyd.




Specialist company in accordance with the Water Resources Act

Bücker + Essing is certified in accordance with the Water Resources Act. As a WHG specialist company, we are approved for the construction, repair, interior cleaning, interior coating and decommissioning of tanks, catch basins and MSR facilities as well as the installation of pipelines in LAU/HBV facilities.



SCC-certified service employees from Bücker + Essing are deployed wherever safety plays an important role. As a service provider for refineries, chemical parks and industrial systems, we assume responsibility for full compliance with the quality, health & safety and environment protection aspects of those standards to which our clients are committed. This SCC certificate verifies that our system component finishing processes meet the highest of safety requirements. For our customers this means the reliable reduction of the risk of accidents in their plants, and also much less effort.


Atex Repairs

Bücker + Essing is authorised to repair and test explosion-proof pumps, compressors, fans, agitators / stirring elements, couplings and associated sealing systems. This is particularly important for compliance with the provisions of the BetrSichV. For further information, please contact our contact persons for the Rotating Equipment Service directly.



As a manufacturing company we are aware of our responsibility for the health & safety of our employees, which is why we train our employees and managers in health & safety comprehensibly on a regular basis. We ensure that personal protective equipment, safety shoes and work wear is worn. We regularly check our workplaces to ensure that all health & safety precautions are taken.



In our core business field, the repair of engines, we make an important contribution to a sustainable recycling-based economy, because we service and overhaul engines, and prolong the product lifecycles of business assets.

We give many components a second life and play a role in saving resources and energy, and also reducing CO2 emissions. Solutions based on current market values create added economic and also ecological value!

At Bücker + Essing, we also see sustainability as keeping the impact of our actions on the environment as low as possible and, by means of active environmental protection, we protect the future for the generations to come. We are fully committed to acting and thinking in an environmentally-friendly manner. We continuously strive to further develop environmentally-compatible production procedures and to select ecologically sensible production resources. Thanks to the processing and recycling approach, we also take care with our waste water, and we continuously endeavour to minimise our emissions and waste.

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