We revamp your rotating equipment and compressor systems by means of reproductions and optimisations to bring them to top form: for more reliability and longer service lives.

We support our customers and partners throughout the entire lifecycle of a system, a component or an aggregate, regardless of manufacturer. Customers from Germany and across the globe profit every day from our know-how. Bücker + Essing is never simply satisfied with the status quo, we continue to enhance engines, machines and system reliably and sustainably so that they perform at a top level.

Your contact for Rotating Equipment Service:

Christoph Brambosch 
Compressor service
T +49 591 7105-238

Ralf Gräubig 
Pump service 
T +49 591 7105-268


The technical experts at Bücker + Essing often need to put the cart in front of the horse when older systems are to be expanded or optimised and where the documentation is insufficient or even completely missing in some cases. Our designers can generate a theoretical model and digitalise all given technical infrastructures. Laser measurements and simulations lend the planned additions and optimisation ideas a solid foundation. Reverse engineering by Bücker + Essing maintains your values and is our resource-saving way to modern performance and efficiency.



Steps need to be taken to precisely simulate the subsequent load of a planned component in advance so that potential weaknesses can be remedied in the computer model. Once the development engineers at Bücker + Essing have designed the part, they send the digital model to an outside organisation for testing. If necessary, we also allow external partners to review our designs by means of the Finite Element Analysis (FEA). Your future components are only sent for production, if the model completely fulfils the expectations.

What can we do for you? We are happy to inform you about our Engineering-possibilities:

Your contact person:
Mechanical Production: Guido Gravemann, Phone: +49 591 7105-240
Rotating Equipment: Michael Studeneer, Phone: +49 591 7105-238

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