Rotating Equipment Service

FROM THE compressor to the CRANKSHAFT TO pump

After expanding its engine business, Bücker + Essing has become a competent service provider for repairing and overhauling rotating equipment. We bundle our extensive know-how for your systems at our service site in Willich near Krefeld.

As far as compressors, turbines, pumps, generators and engines are concerned, reputed companies from the chemical and petrochemical sectors, and also refineries, power plants, manufacturer’s and logistics specialists in the industrial gas sector and providers and operators of waste, cooling or air compressing systems all use the services of Bücker + Essing. Services range from basic technical optimisation of existing system and their maintenance and overhaul, through to an emergency service and the correct commissioning of new components and operating equipment. These services are not just restricted to our repair plant in Lingen (Ems); thanks to large-scale mobile equipment, the Bücker + Essing team is also able to solve even complex problems at your premises.

Your contact for Rotating Equipment Service:

Christoph Brambosch 
Compressor service
T +49 591 7105-238

Ralf Gräubig 
Pump service 
T +49 591 7105-268

Compressor service

Bücker + Essing makes your rotating equipment run smoothly. Get the support you need from us when overhauling, maintaining and repairing your screw and piston compressors and all rotating components from cylinders to crankshafts. Our strong engineering expertise comes into play particularly when their components no longer become available.

  • Compressor valves: Overhaul and Remanufacturing including Engineering
  • Piston rod packages: Overhaul, design and manufacture of sealing elements
  • Pistons and guide rings: Design and manufacture
  • Grinding of piston rods, crossheads, push rods
  • Cylinders, cylinder heads, crankshafts and crankcases: Overhaul and remanufacturing
  • Components for discontinued series, small batches and special applications
  • Single component and small batch production
  • Engineering and supply, also express service

Pump service

Our intelligent, practised retrofitting solutions are at your side along with our entire know-how and all our capabilities, whether inspection and preventive maintenance for your pumps or repairing, overhauling and producing spare parts when the realignment of your pumps is damaged. 

  • Pumps, fans, turbines and compressors assembled
  • Scheduled maintenance
  • Troubleshooting
  • Centrifugal pumps of all types repaired
  • Repair of components and assemblies with the latest CNC technology and specially developed repair designs, express service included
  • Engineering of components and assemblies
  • Retrofits for adapting pumps to changed operating conditions
  • Partial repairs
  • ATEX & API pumps maintained
  • TA support
  • Delivery and manufacture of spare parts, including express service
  • Certified energy consulting for pumps
  • Training: Design of centrifugal pumps, functions, detecting causes of failure and cases of damage (basic/advanced course)