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Our processing range for crankshafts and all other shafts include crack and hardness tests, sanding, polishing and hardening, through to the production of new crankshafts and bearing shells.

Because the forces exerted at the interface between chemical reactions and physical forces are huge, any eccentrics that have not been processed professionally can lead to serious complications and damage to the entire aggregate. The responsible and experienced crankshaft experts at Bücker + Essing are familiar with the various types of crankshaft used in engines, compressors and pumps in the market.

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Guido Gravemann
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Testing for Cracks and Hardness Test on Shafts/Crankshafts

Bücker + Essing carries out a precise analysis – also in a mobile process at your premises –every time before work is carried out on a crankshaft. Thanks to modern, diagnosis techniques, such as hardness, crack, dimensional accuracy and concentricity tests, we are able to verify even the finest of cracks in the material and detect dangerous material fatigue  at an early stage


Turning, Milling, Sanding, Honing, CNC-Controlled

Give us a block of metal and we can produce a number of things; be it an engine block, a pump casing or a lid for a heat exchanger. Typical objects produced with our CNC-controlled sanding machines are eccentric shafts, such as crankshafts, camshafts, round shafts and pumps shafts, as well as rotors or anchors in electric motors. Wherever excellent running properties are essential, for instance in the cylinder bushings of engines, high-performance gas compressors, bearing lines, connecting rods or crosshead sliding bearings, our repair specialists also rely on honing tools.


Hardening Shafts

Crankshafts must fulfil strict requirements, ideally with the combined material properties of a highly-precise hardened surface and an elastic body. We use various, also inductive, hardening procedures to pave the way for long service lives and minimum wear.


Production of new Shafts and Bearing Shells

Bücker + Essing also produces new crankshafts ad compressor shafts, as well as components of the shaft periphery based on individual specifications and performance indicators – including the technical acceptance by an appointed classification society. Using CNC-controlled technology, we sand, mill and polish your shaft with absolute precision. Even large-format components can be processed reliably on our lathes.


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Are you looking for a competent, experienced and reliable service provider for shafts and crankshafts? We will be happy to offer you support to ensure you reach high levels of performance and operational security.


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