Laser measurement


Highly precise laser measuring equipment is used twice when repairing components: firstly when locating the fault and secondly when aligning the system before it is recommissioned.

At Bücker + Essing laser measuring techniques are used to repair components where every millimetre counts – be it when measuring bearing lines, foundations and cylinders, when aligning machines, such as engines and generators, or for precise geometric position measuring in rooms:

  • Laser measurement of machines, components and parts before their removal
  • Alignment of machines, components and parts during refitting
  • Dimensional deviation analyses, control measurements and calibrations, also for dynamic measurements

It is no longer a question of feasibility as to whether or not we can precisely align components for you with a precision in the hundredths of mm range, perfect precise laser lines or initially plan the installation spare parts virtually in a laser-measured 3D image of your machine, today the focus lies on the cooperative and professional care of your technical partner.

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Laser tracking is an ideal solution, especially when a part needs to be examined, serviced or repaired at your premises. This precision method delivers fast and precise results; and laser tracking can also be used for more than just ascertaining damage. We use laser-based measuring equipment to align repaired aggregates much more quickly for recommissioning than would be possible with conventional procedures. Laser tracking can be used on systems of any size and at any site; even difficult-to-access or permanently installed systems can be measured easily. Measuring results and findings are now just a flash away.



We will be happy to tell you how we can solve your challenges using our mobile laser tracking.

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