Component repairs


We overhaul the full range of components for our customers, be they cylinders, cylinder heads, connecting rods, crossheads, pistons or even camshafts.

Bücker + Essing’s repair competence enjoys an international reputation. We reproduce burst or cracked parts, and process and produce large components for industrial applications. Instead of simply replacing parts, we adopt a resource-oriented approach with respect to the residual value of the system and, thanks to our high technical production competence, we achieve precisely the required values where a new part would not make economic sense. Supported by our mechanical processing, we can overhaul almost any corroded component to ensure that it fulfils its purpose again reliably and sustainably.

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Guido Gravemann
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Connecting rods are the components of an engine that take the most beating. The damage patterns here range from cracks to visible signs of wear. We analyse these parts using modern test procedures. We ensure that the basic borehole corresponds to the works specification so that the correct bearing play is set. Regardless of whether we mill, angle, hone or reproduce, whether we rework separating surfaces or bring boreholes back to their original dimension – you can rely on the fact that each individual step is marked by absolute precision. If a connecting rod cannot be repaired and cannot be delivered, we can also produce new connecting rods to your technical data.



We inspect and measure crossheads and, using our precision analysis equipment, we detect signs of wear and material fatigue. We can make crossheads serviceable again by applying deposit coats and mechanical finishing. If they cannot be repaired, we can manufacture crossheads to your technical specifications or samples.



Lots of parameters can have a negative effect on the pistons and piston rods when the engine is running and cause quantifiable and visible damage. We can return worn pistons to their original works dimensions by applying coats, thereby minimising the play. We also handle large, assembled pistons on a day-to-day basis.



The performance of an aggregate can be enhanced significantly, if the cam shaft has been calculated and worked precisely. Bücker + Essing collects the relevant framework data and repairs damaged camshafts. We can also produce new parts or prototypes for you.


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