Mechanical Processing

New Energy for worn Components

‘Maintaining value’ is the motto of the mechanical processing at Bücker + Essing. We produce and process engine, machine and system components for industrial companies across the globe. In this way we ensure the performance capability of technical economic assets, either at our plant or at your premises.

The lifecycle of the plant is a fundamental economic factor for every industrial company. We ensure sustainable solutions in your production facilities by overhauling parts, realising optimisations by processing surfaces or reproducing parts to your specifications. Originally designed to repair our own components, our mechanical processing now works for companies in a number of industrial branches, for instance toolmaking, machine construction, the paper and plastic industry, (petro)chemicals, shipbuilding or wind energy. In addition to the fact that parts can be overhauled at our plant, customers can also profit from our mobile overhauling and repair solutions.

Your Contact for mechanical processing:

Guido Gravemann
+49 591 7105-240

Our Performance Sprektrum


  • Shafts/crankshaft service
    Our processing range for crankshafts and all other shafts include crack and hardness tests, sanding, polishing and hardening, through to the production of new crankshafts and bearing shells.
  • Engine block processing
    We can carry out any repairs to the engine block: drilling the main bearing line, planing crankcases and also resetting the bushing seats. On request, we can also modify the block to match the performance profile of your system.
  • Component repair
    We overhaul the full range of components for our customers – cylinders, cylinder heads, connecting rods, crossheads, pistons or even camshafts – all work is conducted professionally based on engine repair experience gained over the past 50 years.
  • Laser measurement
    We use a number of laser measurement methods to measure and align parts. Our mobile laser tracker is the perfect choice when working at your premises because it is fast, precise and can be used anywhere.
  • Mobile service
    West Europe, Belarus or the Caribbean: The service technicians at Bücker + Essing carry out mechanical repairs at customers’ premises across the globe. Is your engine large and heavy? Are only individual components of the engine damaged? Are the transport channels too long? These are all classic cases for the Bücker + Essing mobile service!
  • Surface technology
    We prolong the service life of parts and optimise their performance properties by finishing their surfaces. Using an array of surface finishing methods, we process, repair and optimise part surfaces to protect them from wind, water, corrosion and wear.
  • Engineering
    Seeing more signs of wear on components and thinking about using alternative materials? Looking to rescue faulty parts or produce new parts? Do you want to increase the efficiency of your system? We can help you with our extensive engineering competence.