[Translate to english:] Bücker + Essing ist Spezialist für die Instandsetzung von Motoren und Komponenten.

About us

Your Expert for engine repairs. For the past 55 Years.

Bücker + Essing's know-how creates real added value wherever engines operate, generators convert energy or compressors compact gases. Since 1963 this medium-sizes company has become a recognised specialist for engine repairs and industrial services for machine and system components, and also rotating equipment.

Throughout Germany, reputed service providers for biogas plants and cogeneration units, as well as fleet management organisations, workshops, manufactures and operators or rail vehicles, industrial companies, refineries and power plants, rely on the technical competence of Bücker + Essing. Why? Come and find out for yourself: 

8 Good Reasons for Bücker + Essing

1. Precise, Partner-Like, Pratice-Oriented

Bücker + Essing guarantees that engines and their components generate more output, are more efficient and more sustainable. We aim for a constructive partnership-like cooperation in the fields of maintenance, repair, modification and the production of new engines and system parts. We think about the interests of our customers and generate practice-oriented solutions that ensure the highest level of quality, precision down to the last detail and indepth documentation that clearly explains every processing step.

2. Industrial Engine Repairs

The processes and machine pool at our repair plant in Lingen (Ems) are geared toward high quantities and industrial precision. Our 140-strong team overhauls more than 500 engines every year. The experience and routine of each repair project is used to continuously optimise our procedures - quality is ensured by our quality management.

3. High Production Depth

Customers profit from our state-of-the-art mechanical processing: in several respects: thanks to our competence, many components and parts can be overhauled and reused. Optimisations and new parts guarantee flexibility and independence from the spare parts market. 

4. Reverse and Retro Engineering

If parts of engines machines or systems are no longer available on the market due to their age, Bücker + Essing can help: either by repairing components or production new parts based on drawing or samples. 

5. Cross-Manufacturer and Brand

Bücker + Essing repairs gas and diesel engines of all leading manufacturers through to state-of-the-art technology. As part of our replacement engine program, we keep stocks of all standard gas and diesel engine brands and models - for next day shipping.


The faster a machine or system can be operated again, the lower the downtime costs. This applies regardless of whether the unit is damaged or simply shut down for scheduled servicing. Due to the fact that Bücker + Essing endeavours to see the world from the customer’s point of view, our mobile service fleet has an extensive array of technical equipment to allow even the most complex of analyses and repairs to be carried out at the customer’s premises – minimum downtimes guaranteed!


Customer proximity as a USP: the company’s extensive know-how in the overhaul and repair of rotating equipment is bundled at the service site in Willich near Krefeld. From here, the SCC-certified employees can reach numerous chemical sites flexibly and quickly to deliver industrial-relevant service of the highest quality.


Overhauling and reusing engines and aggregates is a sustainable solution – both from an ecological and also economic point of view. By prolonging the lifecycle of economic goods, we not only conserve natural resources, we also save you money, because repairs are much more economic than buying new parts.

Wherever mechanical perfection and analytic competence is required, the specialists at Bücker + Essing deliver high-quality economic and individual solutions that reflect the current market value of the parts.